The good old GHD hair straightener that are loved by women the world over, an yes they do go wrong like all the other hair straighteners. And lots of people have cashed in on this charging upto £30 a time to repair them.

The truth is that their is only a couple of faults that occur with GHD's and they are as follows.


Fault 1

Heat light flickers, comes on or goes off when pressure is applied to the heater pads, or if the heater pads are rocked.

Repair of fault 1

Easy way - Replace the ceramic heater (available on ebay about £2 each)



Remove both end caps


Undo both retaining screws at the same time and push out hinge pin.


Lay the 2 half's flat and remove the covers


here's the problem, heater connections broken


Remove the heater clip and slid out the broken heater 


Clean plate and apply some Heat Thermal Compound


Apply your £2 ebay purchased heater and apply pressure with a sliding motion to seat heater correctly on the plate.


Apply the heater clip


Apply plate holder outer to produce 1 heater assembly ready of refit.


Refit heater and connect to board

In required replace the second heater.

Re-assemble in reverse order and test.



Hard way - Re attach wire to heater, the heater gets to ho to use solder so it needs to be silver soldered, then insulated correctly with high temperature silicon.


Fault 2

GHD Dead ver 3.1B

Repair of Fault 2

Ver 3.1b had a heat fuse on the bottom heater plate, replace this with an equivalent heatfuse (available on ebay for about £2)


Fault 3

crackling on cable need GHD.

Repair of Fault 3

Easy way - Replace lead with one from ebay

Hard way - Takes about an hour to do and is very fiddly but you can totally remake the swivel joint, next time i repair one i will do a documented repair but here it is in short.

1..Remove from GHD

2.. Cut cable about 1 inch below the fault.

3..Prise hard slip ring from rubber bend until you can see the wires. the cut the wires removing slipring from boot.

4..Pull center brown and blue cables from boot.

5..Remove cable outer from boot (this takes time, i normally use drills to aid this) boot over cable, this may need cable lub to do this.

7..Re-solder cable to slipring connectors. with flowable silicon and allow to dry.



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